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Russian Geological Research Institute

Nikolay Pavlovich Barbot de Marny. 1829-1877

Mining engineer. The son of a French native, a poor mining officer. A native of Perm province. Received higher education at the Mining Institute. He graduated from the Institute in 1852, with the rank of Lieutenant Engineer and with a small gold medal.
He was sent to the Tula province, later on transferred to the Urals, where he participated in the geological expedition of Hoffmann and Grunewald. In 1861, he was included in the Manych expedition.
In 1863, he was elected Professor of Geology at the Mining Institute.
In 1864, he studied the geological structure of the Perm and Vologda provinces and proved that most of the strata considered Permian belong to the Triassic; in 1865, he explored Volyn, Podolsk, Kherson provinces.
In 1874, after the capture of Khiva, he compiled a remarkable description of the Trans-Caspian region. Geological description of the Astrakhan province also issued from his pen.
Numerous of his works are published in The Mining Journal, Notes of the Mineralogical Society, and Proceedings of the Department of Geology and Mineralogy of the Society of Naturalists.
He was buried at the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg.