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Russian Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI)

Geological exploration: from geological map to mineral reserves

1. Exploration and geophysical surveys in the field of geological studying the subsurface and reproduction of the mineral resource base of various scales, including geological mapping, regional geological and geophysical surveys, and related studies.

2. General and special-purpose metallogenic studies, including studying geological patterns of ore deposit locations, criteria for the relationship of mineralization with a complex of geological settings, which affect mineralization processes, systematization and study of type features of ore-bearing areas, as well as forecasting new ore-bearing areas.

3. A wide range of accredited laboratory studies, including isotope studies for the needs of the natural resource industry, dating using optically stimulated luminescence (OSL), assay analysis with professional sample preparation, atomic absorption analysis, etc.

4. Support of exploration, including control over drilling and mining operations, documentation and testing cores and mine workings.

5. Formation of databases and block modeling of deposits.

6. Feasibility studies of temporary and permanent conditions, calculation of reserves of solid minerals, support of reports for the State Reserves Committee, Rosnedra and its territorial bodies.

7. Accompanying the investor in the selection of a prospect, assessment of geological and technological risks, compiling a plan of geological exploration.

8. Project development, methodological and technological support (supervising and quality control) of geophysical surveys on a network of reference, regional profiles and detailed 3D surveys.

9. Analysis and interpretation of a set of geophysical data on regional and reference profiles, construction of deep seismogeological sections with the identification of areas and targets promising for hydrocarbon and mineral resources.

10. Comprehensive studies of geological aspects of oil and gas basins in order to identify promising oil and gas accumulation zones, regions and local areas with an assessment of hydrocarbon resources of categories D0 and D1loc. and issuing recommendations on exploration areas and the licensing of prospects.

11. Creation of regional geological models of sedimentary architecture in oil and gas basins with the forecast and justification of prospects for the oil and gas potential of areas on the lithofacies and historico-geological basis.

12. Assessment of primary geological resources of hydrocarbon in sedimentary basins using volume-statistical and volume-genetic methods.

13. 2D modeling of oil and gas systems, based on seismic information, well and geological data with representation of the sedimentary basin evolution model.

14. Analysis of formation conditions, distribution patterns and development of criteria for regional and local forecasting combustible minerals in sedimentary sequences.

15. Assessment of extensiveness of oil and gas formation in oil and gas producing strata of sedimentary basins.

16. Compilation of special-purpose general interactive (digital) maps for the Russian Federation and (or) its subjects based on the integration of data arrays prepared in various GIS environments.

17. State subsurface monitoring in the onshore-offshore zone, geological study of hazardous exogenous processes and phenomena.

18. Educational programs in geological mapping of subsurface, training employees of the geological industry in specific ways to solve geological problems using GIS, DBMS and computer modeling.

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