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Russian Geological Research Institute
Russian Geological Library
Russian Geological Library

Russian Geological Library

The Russian Geological Library (RGL) is the Russia’s largest book depository on geology, metallogeny, petrography and others close to geoscience disciplines and one of the richest libraries in St. Petersburg.

The RGL was founded by the Geological Committee of Russia in 1882. Today, the RGL is a scientific library with a specialized fund of published materials (about 1 million copies), where the country's most complete collection of books, magazines and maps on geology and mineral resources is concentrated. The unique collection of the library is of scientific, historical and cultural value. About a quarter of the library's collections are foreign literature in 26 languages.

Main activities of the library:

  • Formation of a sectoral stock for geosciences;
  • Performing the functions of a geological literature depository of the Russian Federation;
  • Information and bibliographic services for specialists, institutions and organizations of any institution;
  • Organization of book shows;
  • Creation of information databases on the main areas of geoscience and practice.

  • Catalogues, card registers, databases:

  • Alphabetical Catalogue: shows books, abstracts, atlases, explanatory notes to maps;
  • Alphabetical Catalogue of serial publications: contains a description of domestic and foreign journals, papers and other publications;
  • Map Catalogue: geological, tectonic, geophysical, geographic, economic maps;
  • Systematic Catalogue: groups descriptions in accordance with subject areas, in regions of Russia and foreign countries;
  • Electronic Catalogue: reflects current library accessions since 1995;
  • Databases: bibliographic database of papers from national periodicals, collections of papers, proceedings of conferences and seminars, etc.