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Russian Geological Research Institute

Yulia Irinarkhovna Polovinkina. 1895-1976

Russian geologist, major expert in the field of geology and petrology of the Ukrainian Shield. Outstanding petrographer. One of the founders of the magmatic formation doctrine. Professor (1938). Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy (1941).
She graduated from the Natural Science Department of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the First Higher Pedagogical Institute in Petrograd (1918).
In 1918, she became one of the first women employees of GeolCom: first as a trainee geologist (1918–1927), then as Scientific Secretary of the department (1927–1929).
From 1929 to 1942, Senior Geologist, Senior Researcher, Head of the Petrographic Laboratory.
From 1954 to 1962, Head of Petrology Department at VSEGEI.
She studied geology, petrology, hydrochronology of the Precambrian in various regions of the USSR, examined in detail deposits of ferruginous quartzites in Krivoy Rog, KMA, Karsakpay, Kimkan. Distinguished and characterized the main stages of the Ukrainian crystalline massif formation. One of the founders of the metamorphic and magmatic formations doctrine, developed the theoretical problems of formation analysis and petrogenesis. She compiled and published the three-volume manual “Rock Structures” (1948 and 1966), as well as the first volume of the “Geochronology of the USSR” (1974). A participant in the defence of Leningrad, chief of the local air defence target “VSEGEI” headquarters (1941–1942). Head of the party at the Kyshtym expedition of Lengeolnerudtrest.