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Hornless rhinoceros aceratherium

Aceratherium belongs to the genus of extinct hornless rhinos. The name is given from the Greek words “a” – “without”, “keras” – “horn”, and “therion” – “beast” since the absence of a horn was a characteristic feature of these animals. The remains of Aceratherium are known from the Oligocene and Miocene-Pliocene deposits (34-3.4 Ma) of Eurasia and Africa.

They resembled modern rhinos but were somewhat smaller (body length reached 2.5 m, height about 1 m) and more mobile. The hind limbs of all types of Aceratherium were three-toed; the fore ones evolved from being four-toed (with an incompletely developed outer toe) in the most ancient species to three-toed in later ones.

They lived in open spaces, similar to savannahs, near water bodies.