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Nikolay Gusev turns 75 today

We congratulate Nikolay Gusev, Head of the Department of Regional Geology and Mineral Resources of Eastern Siberia at the Karpinsky Institute, on his anniversary. It is noteworthy that this year Dr. Gusev also celebrates the 50th anniversary of his research and production geological activities, which began in 1974 with the Kurai Geological Exploration Expedition of the West Siberian Geological Administration.

Dr. Gusev went through a challenging road in the geological industry – from a student at the Voronezh State University to the Chief Geologist in major institutions. The hero of the day’s numerous achievements in the development of geological exploration and strengthening the raw material base of the Russian Federation were marked with industry awards, including the badge “Excellence in Mineral Exploration” and the honorary title “Honoured Geologist of the Russian Federation.”

Since 2007, Dr. Gusev has been the Head of the Department of Regional Geology and Mineral Resources of Eastern Siberia at the Karpinsky Institute. His appointment to this position marked a new stage in the department's life.

Qualifications, rich experience, and deep knowledge are the basis of the successful and fruitful research and production activities of Nikolay Gusev. Currently, he is a leading expert in the field of geological surveying, magmatism, tectonics, metallogeny, geochemistry, isotope, and regional geology, as well as one of the key experts participating in the international project to compile a geological map and map of igneous formations of the Russian part of the Greater Altai at 1:1M scale.

This is reflected in numerous scientific publications. Dr. Gusev is the author of more than 130 scientific articles in leading domestic and foreign journals, as well as of several monographs.

We sincerely congratulate Nikolay Gusev on this wonderful date. We wish you good health, inexhaustible optimism, and inspiration.


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