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The Karpinsky Institute opened a unique geological exhibition at the Xi'an Centre

On 3 July 2024, the Karpinsky Institute, with the support of Granite Group partners, opened a small exhibition “Geology Without Borders” at the Xi’an Centre of the China Geological Survey. The exhibition began work on the eve of an event dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Research Centre for China-SCO Cooperation in the Field of Geosciences.

The event itself is attended by more than 200 experts from various regions of China and SCO countries. During the event, the First Deputy Director General of the Karpinsky Institute, Maxim Tkachenko, spoke to national and regional media about the Institute’s activities and the geological works presented at the exhibition.

Another record for us, but not for China, is the event and exhibition coverage of 40 million people.

The exhibition introduces visitors to the history of geological science, its current state, and the achievements of the Russian geological school. The subject of the exhibition is very diverse and includes a series of field photographs by talented employees of the Karpinsky Institute, as well as demonstrates exhibits of the Academician F. M. Chernyshev Geological Exploration Museum, tells about the history of using various minerals in painting, illustrates the life and work of Alexander Karpinsky, deals with the amazing phenomenon of meteorites and the history of their study.

FOR THE FIRST TIME, also with the support of partners, materials for blind and visually impaired people were included in the exhibition as part of an inclusive project that is actively developing at the Karpinsky Institute!


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