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Central Laboratory


Submission of samples to the Laboratory

Samples submitted to the Laboratory must meet the following requirements:

Sample amount necessary for analysis

In accordance with OST 41-08-249-85,the laboratory samples arriving directly for analysis should have the mass at least:

P.S.! These requirements do not apply to minerals, monomineral fractions, concentrates and other similar samples of low mass; such samples are taken to the Laboratory by their actual mass. For such samples, duplicates are not quarted.
The samples pulverized for analysis by the Customer undergo incoming particle size control: if the samples do not meet the requirements, they are returned to the Customer, or may be additionally pulverized at extra cost (as agreed with the Customer).

Sample storage

Residual analytical samples of external Customers are stored at the Laboratory for no more than three years, unless this period is specifically agreed with the Customer (for example, for ore samples, when calculating reserves, duplicates are stored until the reserves are approved).
Residual analytical samples are returned to the Customer upon receipt of analysis results, unless otherwise specified. Upon the expiry of the guaranteed storage period after sending the analysis results (six months), the storage of samples at the Laboratory is possible for extra const. If the Customer does not comply with this requirement, the samples shall be disposed of as unclaimed.

Order schedules

As a rule, the test results are ready within a month from the moment samples are submitted to the Laboratory. Some particularly time-consuming analysis methods, orders with a large number of element determinations, as well as large amount of orders at the Laboratory, can lead to an increase in the order schedule. The same consequences can be caused by excessive humidity of the samples sent or poorly organized transportation, as well as incorrect accompanying documentation. If the customer wants to receive results by a certain date, it should be indicated in the order. Every effort will be made to fulfil this requirement; however, this may entail an increase in the cost of work and must be agreed with the management of the Laboratory. If additional payment is required or if it is not possible to complete the work by the required date, the Customer will be immediately informed about this.

Issuance of results

At the request of the Customer, the analysis results (Test Reports) are issued as a printed copy, electronically in Excel, sent by e-mail or fax.

Results Storage

The analysis results are stored at the Laboratory for 5 years in digital form, and cannot be released to any third party without the Customer’ written permission.